Two Systems Of Balance

546.02In the process of integral studies, people change, they become a little closer to connection with each other. Imbued with the fact that nature is integral and we are a cancerous tumor in it, they already understand that there is no use holding on to the past and that it is impossible to manage today with the old methods they were taught; therefore, everything in the world is falling apart.

Why do we have such discord in the family, at work, between countries, and even in nature itself? Because we do not know how to behave correctly inside what is called society and nature.

The most comfortable state that a person can have is being in balance with the surrounding nature. That is, there are two systems here: one system is me, within me, which must be in balance; and around me, there is the second system, nature, which itself is in balance.

I induce destabilization in it, and therefore it turns out that it gives me negative feedback and presses on me. As a result, my entire internal system (health, psyche, etc.) goes beyond the norm.

In addition, we affect nature negatively; climate, pressure drops, and everything else depend on us. We do not even know what we are affecting. There are a lot of parameters in nature that are unknown to us. Most importantly, because of evolution we ourselves change and reach a state in which we do not want anything. This is the problem. To solve it, we need to get in balance with nature.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time”

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