How To Survive In Retirement?

626Question: A lot of people write to us that it is practically impossible for a person to survive on today’s pension. They try their best, but it’s very hard. Now few people believe the government. They try to put aside something and save up. Thoughts about retirement frighten everyone approaching this age and today even the young ones.

Thoughts of what if I can’t make it and many thoughts surrounding it pervade people.  What kind of thinking should there be in order for a person not to fall into depression, into constant stress? What kind of thought should a person cultivate in himself?

Answer: He must still imagine how little he needs in order to exist, and try to prepare himself for such an existence. So that he could feed himself in this way. And everything else, of course, he must prepare in advance, the place to live and so on.

Question: So, one way or another, think about it in advance?

Answer: Sure.

Question: Let’s say I prepared this for myself. And how to prepare internally?

Answer: It is the same internally, to come to joy that I don’t need anything more.

Question: Is this called “rising above the situation”?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And how to come to joy?

Answer: From the fact that I don’t depend on anyone, I don’t depend on anything, I can feel like an absolutely free person. Mostly in spirit. That’s it!

Question: Can I communicate at this moment, as you say, with nature, with the Creator?

Answer: Of course! Especially in this state.

Question: What should my prayer be?

Answer: I turn to the Creator as the only upper force of nature, apart from which there is nothing, and I want to be in mutual, good relations with the Creator. It’s very simple.

Question: And this will come back to the person?

Answer: Sure. Depending on how I relay to Him, I will immediately feel that He is relating to me.

Question: Can it be taken as an exercise to train the spirit like this?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: So you said: “I’m free, I don’t depend on anyone.”

My Response: I have my own place and what I need minimally. And I’m satisfied with that! I think it’s realistic. It is only necessary to give a person an entrance to this inner freedom.

Comment: This is the most important moment. A person constantly is not free.

My Response: Because he makes himself dependent on this world. And he must break away from it and be internally free. It is very important.

Question: And can someone break away?

Answer: Imagine that you are really independent of anything and anyone. This is the way to your own inner freedom, absolute freedom! And to me, from this moment onward, it doesn’t matter what happens. Then I begin to feel completely independent from anything and from anyone. And no matter what happens, I am already in a state of complete disconnection from this world, its limitations and its fears. There is nothing, that’s it!

Question: Is this called that I connect to nature, to the Creator?

Answer: Yes. You gradually restrict your egoism and connect to nature or the Creator, which is the same thing.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/15/21

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