Have Miracles Ever Happened To You?

284Question: Have miracles ever happened to you that you were not able to explain logically?

Answer: No, in the end I always was able to understand and explain them. A miracle is something that goes beyond our classic everyday concepts.

However, when you rise to a higher level of attainment, you understand that these are ordinary, normal, natural phenomena. Only at our level they are not visible, and if they manifest a little in something, we call them miracles.

Question: But at that moment, when you have not yet risen, did you consider it a miracle?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Has something ever happened that was against the laws of nature?

Answer: There was nothing like that. After all if it does not fit within the laws of nature that I have studied, then it must be added to these laws.

Question: For example, if you saw a person who flies, would it be a miracle for you?

Answer: If this cannot be explained by ordinary levitation, then, of course, this is a miracle.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 11/30/21

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