Give Out The Naked Truth?

559Comment: Once you answered a letter to a person who wrote that he was used to speaking the truth in person and therefore ruins relations with people. You explained that by giving the truth to a person’s face, he just wants to remake him, and this should not be done.

Gulmira writes to you: “We are not a flock of sheep to be silent, with our face down. Yes, there are problems when you speak the truth, but if everyone is silent, keeping their opinion to themselves, there will be no sincerity, which means love.”

My Response: If she is a grown woman and has children, then I don’t think she delivers the truth to them all the time. She speaks to them in a language that makes them understand. So that they would be pleased. In order to gradually understand how to behave, how the world works, and how to properly tune others, yourself, that is, to be gentle with people. It is written “love your neighbor” and not “correct your neighbor.”

Question: Are you suggesting that you treat the other as your child or someone very close, take care of him?

Answer: And in this way we will be able to remake the world, and in the end we will all be fine. And if I deliver the truth to others, then I will do so with my egoism. What else? And what good will it do? None. I will turn all people against me and set a bad example for them.

Comment: By this a person is working very seriously with himself because any person wants to give out the naked truth, and here he has to think all the time.

My Response: Don’t do it, close your selfishness! Who do you want to show your truth to? Firstly, it is not true, it is your egoism, only your egoistic desire.

Question: If a person wants to naturally tell the truth to another, how should he behave, should he suddenly restrain himself? What should he do?

Answer: It is best to be silent.

Question: Is this the beginning of all good things?

Answer: Yes. And in general, if you want to talk about something, then speak about abstract topics that do not directly affect the other person, allegorically maybe or speak but not about him in plain text.

Question: The main thing is not a direct defeat of a person’s I?

Answer: No way! He must do this himself. The realization of one’s own evil lies with the person himself. This is a task that the Creator gives to a person. This is the only thing that He wants from us, for us to understand and realize the nature in which He created us, that we realize this nature as evil!

And the person who always tells the truth to another must realize that this comes from his evil, because all nature is evil, selfishness. And if I reveal it, then I reveal the evil in myself. And the other does not understand this, he hears what I say, and therefore draws very wrong conclusions from this.

Question: How does one communicate with another person if you want to tell him something?

Answer: Through your own example! Only! And the rest it’s better to be silent.

Question: Don’t you need to teach anyone?

Answer: No. Or if you teach, then only what the science of Kabbalah says about how to properly understand oneself, people, and the world, that is, the actions of the Creator. It’s true. And we don’t need the rest.

We need to make the world a good, fulfilling one. Let us change the world not by our usual methods, but through the Creator. The Creator is nature. That is, the impact on nature itself.

Question: Will we be able to rise above this selfishness after all?

Answer: We will be obliged. The whole question is, when? It already depends on us.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/11/21

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