You Are On The Right Path, Friends!

294.2In the News (Fox News): Inside Wikipedia’s leftist bias: socialism pages whitewashed, communist atrocities buried

“‘The days of Wikipedia’s robust commitment to neutrality are long gone,’ co-founder Larry Sanger said.

“Big tech has faced repeated accusations of bias and censorship, but one platform has escaped much scrutiny: Wikipedia.

“The online encyclopedia, which claims ‘anyone can edit’, is the 13th most popular website in the world, according to Alexa’s web rankings. Google gives it special placement in search results.

“But critics – including Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger – tell Fox News that many Wikipedia pages have become merely left-wing advocacy essays.

“‘The days of Wikipedia’s robust commitment to neutrality are long gone,’ co-founder Larry Sanger said.

“‘Wikipedia’s ideological and religious bias is real and troubling, particularly in a resource that continues to be treated by many as an unbiased reference work,’ he added. …

“Wikipedia bills itself as the ‘the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.’ But experienced Wikipedians say new users will find they cannot simply fix things.

“One prolific Wikipedia editor, Jonathan Weiss, told Fox News that ‘bias on Wikipedia somewhat reflects the bias in academia and journalism. It’s easier to find an open Marxist rather than a center-right conservative,'” he said.

“Weiss mentioned one Wikipedia ‘administrator’ as an example. Administrators are a select group of people who make final calls about what goes on pages. One has a photo of Soviet dictator Vladimir Lenin on their profile paired with a Lenin quote about how even ‘The most democratic bourgeois republics’ are ‘organs of class oppression.’

“Weiss is in the top 100 Wikipedia editors by contributions, having made more than 415,142 edits on the site since 2006, mostly on sports-related pages.

“But he said that the political pages have largely been taken over by editors with a political axe to grind. …

“Encyclopedia Britannica provides one alternative. A study by Harvard researchers published in a peer-reviewed journal concluded that, ‘we find that Wikipedia articles are more slanted towards Democratic views than are Britannica articles, as well as more biased.'”

Question: If only one version of the facts is allowed, then that gives a huge incentive to wealthy and powerful people to seize control of things like Wikipedia in order to shore up their power. And they do that. What can be a source of objective information in this world? What do you think?

Answer: You cannot trust any information until we correct egoism. How can you know its source? There is nothing inherently objective. Neither this world, nor us; there is nothing objective neither in it or in us.

Question: Then what do you personally call objective information?

Answer: There is no such thing. How can a person objectively inform you about anything, to begin with, when he himself is 100% egoistic?

Comment: But we have to consume, live, and eat something. We also absorb a lot of information! We gobble up a lot of information! One does not live without this, you cannot be a member of society.

My Response: I think humanity is already approaching a state where it realizes that it is feeding on garbage. It just doesn’t know how to block it off, isolate itself from all this.

However, it must reach a state when it will have to, as Baal HaSulam writes, that the angel of death brings a drop of poison to the dying person at the tip of his sword, and one cannot help but swallow it because for him it tastes so sweet. He knows it’s poison, and there’s nothing he can do.

We must achieve the recognition of the evil of our nature, and we are moving toward this. You are on the right path, friends!

Question: Will this bias of information lead us toward understanding this, feeling this?

Answer: We will feel that we are feeding on carrion altogether! And that there is no truth in this world! Nor do we even want it, we turn away from it in every way! Such is our essence.

Question: Then where is the truth?

Answer: In this world, you cannot find it anywhere! This is a pure egoism that is programmed in us, incapable of providing us with anything else.

Question: But a person must reach the truth, by and large?

Answer: A person cannot reach the truth by himself. He can only reach a state where he will reject, simply push away everything he has in this world because he will realize that it brings him only harm. And this too, actually, will be an egoistic decision and action, but it will still lead him to understand what the truth is.

The truth is simply to imagine everyone else above yourself. Only this! And in this case, to ask, to demand, the opportunity to give something instead of receiving. Somehow it will work out.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/5/21

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