Who Am I Going To Be: A Man Or Woman?

600.04Question: U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced the fulfillment of his campaign promises.

First, in the near future, Americans will be able to choose male and female gender for their passport independent of other gender designations on other documents. Secondly, the designation of a third gender “X” in American passports is about to be introduced.

This is for intersex and transgender people. In addition, a law introduced in New York allows one to write “parents” instead of the traditional “father” and “mother.”

Please tell me, is the introduction of such laws, such freedom, when a person chooses their gender or does not call his father and mother as such but only “parents” correct?

Answer: There is a certain danger here. How will a person change one’s attitude toward the world, toward life, toward people, toward society, toward oneself and that includes how one views his or her parents and how the parents will look at him or her. He is not from some kind of machinery, but from his parents.

Question: Is there a revolution in his view of the world and the view of the world toward him?

Answer: I don’t think there will be a revolution. I think that as usual these are the imbalances of humanity at this stage, which with time will simply recede and will be forgotten.

It can’t be. No one can cancel a man and a woman, how they conceive a child, and how it develops. I would not advise them to flirt with such fundamentals of nature as parenting, childhood, birth, and the definition of it all.

Question: So if we take the view of nature on humanity, then nature cannot allow this?

Answer: You can try to do whatever you want. But as you distort natural definitions, no matter what they are called, in the end it will lead to emptiness.

The fact is that humanity should have long ago reached new guidelines of being mutually connected, mutually obliged, loving, and in this connection to reveal its single highest and unified root. We must actually find something to move towards. And then all these problems will simply cease to be important.

Question: It will no longer become the goal of life?

Answer: What difference does it make what and how we call it?! Life remains life. I don’t understand human stupidity! Except one thing, I see that nature wants to teach us very seriously in order to give us a good slap so that we do not think that we are smarter than it.

Question: I feel this is such a cunning move. Does nature itself direct us to this dead end?

Answer: Yes. So learn. We learn from our mistakes. But there are mistakes that cost us a lot.

To avoid these problems we need to clearly define what an ideal society, fantastic in the good sense of the word, should actually be.

This is a society of equal, kind people who help each other, who work together in conjunction to take from themselves, from everyone, and from nature only what is necessary for existence, thus preserving themselves and the world around them.

Question: Then can all these problems be resolved by themselves?

Answer: Of course. We will not jump somewhere, I do not know where.

Comment: I mean these same-sex marriages and so on.

My Response: The one who does not want children, let him not have any. Calmly.

We have come to such a state in the world where people do not know what to do with themselves! We have to give it all to our simple nature. And then everything will be fine. Everyone can dispose of himself as he wants. The rest depends on the upbringing.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/30/21

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