Movement With Two Stimuli

962.2Comment: It is said in the book Prophets that Joshua, completing his mission, bequeaths to the people not to miss a single word of all the good words of the Creator and not to break the covenant to serve Him, otherwise they will disappear from this land that God gave them.

These instructions and threats are repeated there all the time.

My Response: These are not threats, but a condition, the disclosure of the formula, that if you do this, you will come to a good state, and if not, then to the opposite. This is a law of nature, and this is how it works at every level, one against the other.

Question: There is always an element of suffering in your explanations. And if we don’t begin to correct ourselves, then one way or another they will intensify?

Answer: It is required. We need to talk about this. By making corrections at the spiritual level, we will stop feeling suffering at the animal level.

Question: Do you think that a person should be constantly frightened?

Answer: You don’t need to scare them! You just need to reveal it! Since he is no longer a child, but an adult, he needs to be shown the correct picture of nature and society.

Question: Can he move if pushed from behind by a stimulus and to pull forward with a small illumination?

Answer: Yes, both at the same time. Only by two forces.

This movement is very simple. The only problem is its implementation. We will move and hope that we will implement it. In our time, the science of Kabbalah itself is revealed by us and in us. And then whoever wants to do it correctly, everything will be fine with him.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/30/21

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