Looking Into The Depth Of Nature

202.0Question: Many of the scientists you meet strongly support Kabbalah. Will they be able to help with disseminating the wisdom of Kabbalah, its acceptance, and growth?

Answer: Partially. The fact is that we do not need scientists to promote Kabbalah. We need people who want to discover the world in new sensory organs without the use of all kinds of devices.

Scientists, on the contrary, are conservative in this, they cannot work in any other way. They dedicate their whole lives to studying nature with the help of all kinds of accelerators, microscopes, telescopes, and so on.

Kabbalah says that we can and should study nature by changing ourselves: “Make a microscope, a telescope out of yourself. Start looking into the depth of nature by changing your qualities, and then you will be able to achieve this.”
From KabTV’s “Conversation about Science”

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