Kabbalah And The Consumer Economy, Part 3

546.02What do the Rich Get Pleasure from?

Question: There are several causes that will drive this consumer society that we have created over the past 100 years to a crisis.

The first is the lack of trust caused by constant stress at work, competition, lack of free time, and so on. This is what causes depression.

The second reason is limited resources. If the entire world starts consuming as much as America consumes, these resources would very quickly run out.

The third reason is the growing inequality between rich and poor. We see that the gap is constantly increasing, and due to our increased egoism, we can no longer tolerate it.

The fourth reason, from the point of view of Kabbalah, is that the egoistic development of a person grows and the understanding that no amount of money can buy happiness grows with it. It is clear that a person needs some minimum amount of money, but as we can see even from all kinds of studies, more money no longer gives a person pleasure and one must seek it elsewhere.

What does Kabbalah offer? What will a person get pleasure from if not from the amount of money he gets?

Answer: Ask the super-rich and they will tell you that it is not money itself that gives them pleasure but the fact that they play with it.

Question: The very process of earning money?

Answer: It is not about earning money. A person experiences excitement, an inner drive that stimulates him, and he engages in it. He enters into competition, into a game with other people like him. He is in the grip of excitement like people playing cards. No more than that.

We see that a person earns and earns and then gives half of it away.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 1/3/19

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