How Can We Develop Patience?

963.1Question: How can a person develop the necessary amount of patience?

Answer: It is only through the importance of the goal. What was I born for? Why do I exist? What am I living for and why do I die? Is the meaning of life to actually feel comfortable at any given moment?

This is very important for the corporeal body, of course. We can all agree with that because this is our nature. We fear pain and we fear hardships, each of us to a different extent; but that’s the way it is and we cannot do anything about it because this is our egoistic nature.

But if I am in a group and it speaks about the greatness of our path and about the importance of the goal of life, and if I somehow lower my head and don’t raise it in pride with regard to them, if I am impressed by the importance of the goal that they feel and I subdue myself to their impact, then I feel the powers to advance.

Furthermore, it is important to burn the bridges behind me. When I found my teacher I burned everything I had before. I had a successful business and everything a man needs in life, but I immediately parted from that so that there was no going back, so that I could no longer restore anything. I moved to live near my teacher Rabash and by that cut off any contact with my past.

I began a new life, a more modest life, more limited in every sense, but next to my teacher. So it was already very difficult to change my life.

When we are under the influence of the environment and negative thoughts, we need to tie ourselves to the right path as much as possible, just as sailors tie themselves to the deck so that stormy waves will not wash them overboard.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/13/19

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