Are Your Prepared For The Flood?

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur entire work is to gradually acquire the force of bestowal and attain the force of the upper wisdom (Hochma) in it. In other words, we need to acquire the Light of Hochma (Wisdom) clothed in the Light of Hassadim (Mercy).

Sometimes we don’t succeed, and then the force of Hassadim which we were supposed to obtain from “peaceful waters” turns into flood waters. We drown in them, and then a renewal occurs, and the surfacing Reshimot (spiritual records) help us to continue on our path.

This happens in every state: A person may go by way of faith above reason and succeed, but if he is neglectful and doesn’t arrange his environment to support him, he falls into violation, a transgression (sin), and sinks into a broken Reshimo rather than walking above it. And later, in a second attempt, he realizes it correctly.

This is the way we progress. The Torah says: “There is no righteous man on earth who does good and does not sin” (Ecclesiastes 7:20). He has experienced the sin, the evil inclination created by the Creator, which unfolds anew in each new stage. On the other hand, if he realized his Reshimot as a righteous person, ascending by way of faith above reason to Yesod over Malchut, then he acted correctly.

The successful realization of Reshimot clearly depends on whether or not a person has prepared all the necessary conditions: the environment, the studies, and all the other means that are the foundation for success.

Success itself lies in faith above reason, upon when a person in the group can realize Reshimot in relation to the group, so that eventually he can do the same in relation to the Creator. The “Creator” is a phenomenon that occurs on a deeper level and is attained in the vessels (Kelim) of the group.

A person always has an opportunity to collect all the components and arrange the necessary tools to “build an ark,” “install a tabernacle,” and, in general, be prepared for anything that happens. He acts in full awareness of what is occurring while continuing to examine himself, and he is finally able to reach the Creator through the group.

He transforms his 613 desires from reception to bestowal, adding “the seven counsels of the sages” to them, thereby multiplying the Reshimot, the details of perception in him, by 620 times. This is how a person builds the whole Kli.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/29/10, “What is the Flood Water in the Work”

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