Does A Kabbalist Need Psychology?

198Question: In what way, in your opinion, does psychology help a person and in what way is it powerless?

Answer: I think that psychology is necessary for all people who must understand what motivates them, what they are driven to by nature. If a person studies psychology, but in a measure that can help him understand himself and others a little, then this is the first necessary stage in order for him to correctly enter the science of Kabbalah.

Question: If he is already studying Kabbalah, would you recommend that he continue to study psychology? Or could it hinder him?

Answer: If a person is correct and seriously engages in Kabbalah, nothing can hinder him. Moreover psychology simply will not be necessary for him since everything that he begins to study in the science of Kabbalah raises him so much above the framework of our world that he immediately sees it, as if rising into the air, as if he soars above himself and sees everything from a height of flight.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/15/21

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