Kabbalah And Psychology

115Man is born as a small creature whose senses gradually develop together with his mental activity. He feels the world around him, explores it, and explores himself through this world: how he reacts to the environment, how it depends on him, and how he depends on it.

This is the subject of psychology, that is, the study of man’s reaction to the revelation of reality in those properties, qualities, feelings, and mind in which he can develop within the framework of our world.

In other words, psychology can be defined as the totality of man’s knowledge about the world in which he was born and developed. Accordingly, “existence determines consciousness.” The difference between Kabbalah and psychology is that Kabbalah harmonizes a person with sensations above our world. Our world exists in the egoistic property of reception—this is how we know it and feel it. If we do not exit this property, as it usually happens with people, then we see it through egoistic properties and evaluate the surrounding reality accordingly.

If we study super-psychology or—without taking into account psychology at all—are engaged in Kabbalah, then we enter a completely different realm of understanding the world. Kabbalah calibrates a person so that he evolves into attaining properties opposite to the material world. If we perceive our world in the egoistic property of reception with which we were born and developed, then it is psychology. And if we rise from egoism to bestowal, love, and exit our “I,” exit what we call a man in our world, then it is Kabbalah.

And then, in this new property, we reveal completely different relationships between us and the forces of nature. We begin to understand what a soul is—the relationship of a man and the higher force that develops him.

Therefore, we can say this: the egoistic property of our world in which we were born and developed brings us understanding of this world and ourselves. We call this psychology. And attaining the property higher than our world—the property of bestowal, the property directed from me toward the surrounding world that brings one to the spiritual level—is called the science of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/15/21

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