When It Is Not Possible To Work With Desire

583.03Question: What is murder in spirituality?

Answer: If the desire falls out of the right correction and I cannot work with it yet, it is called that I killed it.

Question: What does unintentional murder mean?

Answer: It happens that I could not fulfill the thing I was given to work with. Or maybe the opposite is true, I was given work with an egoistic desire and instead of transforming it into a positive, altruistic one, I simply killed it.

I could not overcome it in the correct way, but I as if destroyed it, it just disappears from me for now. In fact, it does not disappear anywhere, but I can no longer work with it.

Question: Then, who is the judge in me?

Answer: Practically, it is me on the next degree. In addition, the other groups, the friends, and Joshua leading me forward are all special forces that explain to me where I am.

In principle, the judge is a view from the next, higher degree at the lower one.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/16/21

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