What Does A Kabbalist Suffer From?

961.1I am asked: “What does a Kabbalist suffer from, does he have suffering?” Of course, a Kabbalist suffers like all people. And at the same time, he worries about the fact that he cannot transfer all the suffering only to the spiritual area. The desire to receive brings him material suffering, and he must raise them to the spiritual level. And naturally, he worries about all his students.

But the main thing is the Kabbalist’s suffering from the fact that he wants to push all the population of this world to the correction that the Creator is waiting for and does not feel that it is working.

The Kabbalist sees how the world is moving toward suffering and problems are increasing every day. He is aware of all the news, sees what crises and catastrophes are happening with humanity and knows how they could be avoided and mitigated.

But it does not depend on him, but on how ordinary people will change their attitude to the world.

Therefore the Kabbalist suffers the most. He sees misfortune approaching, how the volcano will soon explode and cover the city with lava or some other natural disaster will occur, and he can do nothing.

Imagine that a mother sees that her child is in danger and misfortune is about to happen to him and she cannot intervene. The only way to help him is to awaken strangers around him so that they start taking care of him and protect him from misfortune. Only in this form can he be saved.

Therefore the suffering of a Kabbalist is much stronger than that of an ordinary person. It depends on the dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah whether we will be able to change the fate of this child who is in danger, that is, the whole of humanity. But we know how difficult it is to reach human hearts, as if they are shackled in impenetrable armor.

There is only one possibility left: to ask the Creator to help break through this armor on the heart, penetrate into the hearts and convey to people our warmth and care, the need for connection. Let’s hope that thanks to all these efforts, one big bonfire will finally ignite from the sparks that we are trying to kindle and pass on to each other.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson, 10/9/21

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