Men And Women: A Guarantee For A Successful Union

632.1Question: How can women influence men by their desire so that we will draw the upper light and will really do this work?

Answer: The influence of one part of our vessel on another flows not by physical but by spiritual contacts. We can study in different places and not be in any physical contact but still influence each other.

We do not need to take joint actions. They are needed in dissemination, but the spiritual process does not require direct physical connection in the group, which can distract us from correctly aiming at the Creator.

Question: And what is the right way to influence each other correctly in the spiritual work?

Answer: We have to want to help each other, and when we want it, it makes no difference whether it is a man or a woman. It is revealed beyond any gender differences. It is simply a desire for the Creator.

A man will never understand what is revealed in a woman as part of her nature, and she will never understand what is revealed in a man. But we connect as one in the Creator, which is why it is said: “A man and a woman, if they are rewarded, the Shechina [Divinity] is between them.”

In order to attain the right union between us, we need to connect through the Creator. The Creator is between us and is our common source. It is only through Him that we can be connected correctly and permanently. It is the guarantee for a successful union both between men, between women, and between men and women.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/13/19

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