The Most Reliable Thing In The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the influence of the women’s group on the men’s group? Where can women get the desire to have an impact on men?

Answer: A few years ago I was in Chile where there are much more women than men. I remember I asked a couple, our friends from the Chilean group: “Who commands at your home?” The husband answered: “Of course, when we are in public, in the street, at a party, then of course, the woman. But at home…!” The wife looked at him like at a small child, nodded a few times, and everything became clear.

This is given by nature that the woman commands everywhere. And that is correct. That is good.

That is why the women’s part of the group is the most reliable thing that exists in life and in the world. It is stability, balance, very strong support. And that is why it is necessary first of all to take care that the women’s group is strong. It is necessary to give women the opportunity to live, work, and take part in everything. Women’s voices must be taken into consideration when making decisions. A good future of the general group lies in this.

We are all adults and understand how impossible it is to be alone, how much we need support. And just because we are different, we reach the right decision and correct life.

So, it is necessary to solve the problem seriously, like adults. The women’s part of the group should be no less right than the men’s part.
From a meal at the Georgia Convention 11/05/12

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