One Cannot Go Wrong

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Nature is built and balanced on the principle of “plus-minus.” The Creator is a completely positive property. After the whole of humanity reaches unity, after the adhesion with the Creator, it will also be able to advance with a positive property. How serious will this change be? Due to what will the change of properties happen? Will the balance with nature be restored?

Answer: We don’t do anything ourselves; we produce nothing but one thing: the desire that the Light does everything for us. That is why, there is no opportunity to spoil anything, somewhere to go wrong, to bring harm.

Either we accelerate the process of our development and make it gentler, or it proceeds on its own, and it is evil, bad—one of the two.

The more we affect the Light, the better we will be, and the faster we can achieve a good state. The less we affect the Light, the slower we will advance, and the more troubles we will have.

It all depends on our efforts to draw the Light. And It performs all the actions. That is why, it is impossible to make a mistake here.
From a meal at the Georgia Convention 11/05/12

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