Kabbalistic Haiku “One Needs To Fly Away From This Body”

537Question: Could you please explain a couple of your unfinished Kabbalistic haiku. What thought did you put into them?

Constantly waiting,
holding my breath,
here it comes…

What is this “it”?

Answer: It is different for everyone. Let’s say inspiration.

Inspiration to rise to the level of a muse. In order to fill up with fresh air. And from there you are already able to embody some of the rudiments of thoughts and feelings that would open up more and become more tangible, with the ability to express them, put them into words, and clothe them in something.

Question: Do you mean that when you write or speak, you need this living air to be filling you?

Answer: What would I write otherwise?!

Question: Is there no point otherwise?

Answer: It is not that there is no point, it is impossible!

Question: What is the living air that makes you write and gives you the ability to write?

Answer: If I feel an inner pressure within myself, then I write.

Today I cannot write, already for several years I cannot write. No one needs it. What is the point? When everything is already clear, what needs to be done, but people are downhearted.

Question: You cannot write, but you can speak. I see it in the way you speak and the way people react. People hear more and more of what you say. Maybe one quality has turned into another?

Answer: We live in a time when, of course, people are changing involuntarily. I am sure that we are now at a stage where, maybe, in another year or two, they will feel that they have to fly out of themselves, that it is impossible to keep within themselves like this anymore.

Question: A bird in a cage?

Answer: Yes. They will feel the need to fly somewhere out of this body, out of this limitation, out of all this.

Question: When you say “fly out of the body,” what does it mean?

Answer: It means that I want to live with other goals, other symbols, ones that are not limited. Our egoism suffocates us. We do not understand this, but it suffocates us. We just have to break away from it completely! But this is not possible.

This is not possible in the usual ways. But if we really want to, then we will blow up whatever is holding us back, these forces, and break out of them. We will break out.

I am sure that this will happen. However, not through our own efforts, but with the upper force of nature, which we will be able to summon after all so that it would break our limits and pull us out.

This is like birth, the way a newborn comes out of its mother. After all, this is practically an animalistic action, and she pushes him out because life can no longer remain inside her, it must already be free and exist outside. I hope that we will get through it all.

These are labor pains. This is what we are waiting for, and we do not have them in ourselves. We are waiting for when they will come, appear, and begin to squeeze us out of this world into a new world.

Comment: You really are a poet. And a romantic.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/5/21

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