Friends From The World Of Truth

294.3When a person dies, he is given permission to see. He sees his kin and his friends from the world of truth, he recognizes them (Zohar for All, “VaYechi,” Item 168).

“When a person dies” means that he has risen from the previous degree to the upper degree, i.e., he has connected even more with the rest of the souls above his animalistic egoistic desires. There he sees those kindred, close-to-him souls, with whom he will now begin to connect to master this degree.

That is, each spiritual degree is arranged according to a very simple principle and is based on an even greater connection of souls between themselves both in quantity and quality.

Question: Are the close here called those who were close to him in life?

Answer: Of course not! The father, mother, brothers, sisters, or children have no relation to spirituality. Only your friends from the spiritual work or those upper souls, your teachers, who helped you do. You discover that they are around you. This is your spiritual environment, your spiritual group.

First you discover your friends, and possibly not even those you had before on previous levels. Additionally, you discover upper souls who are now connecting to you. In the same way at school, for example, you move from one class to another, change teachers, or move from one place of work to another and change your environment.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #20

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