To Adopt From The Creator His Job

509Comment: The fetus does not have a mouth so it receives nutrition through the umbilical cord. A child who is born has a mouth. In Kabbalah, this is called the Peh of the Partzuf. And when a child grows up, teeth appear.

My Response: Teeth help chew food and are involved in the absorption of food. They are like grinding millstones; it is impossible without them. Animals, fish, all creatures have teeth or some kind of teeth in one form or another.

Question: What is the difference between the fact that the fetus receives food directly from the umbilical cord and the fact that the child chews food himself?

Answer: The fetus accepts everything that is given to it through the umbilical cord. He is not asked what he needs. He completely cancels himself, receives everything he needs from above, and is absolutely satisfied with it.

And when a child is born, his self-awareness develops, and he begins to repel; this he wants, this he does not want. He has problems with the body and the absorption of food.

Question: When a person receives everything directly from the Creator, like an embryo, can this be called blind faith? I agree with everything that happens to me.

Answer: Yes, of course. This is blind faith. A person accepts everything that comes from the Creator as absolutely correct. His desires are still small, and therefore he agrees.

And then his desires grow, but in accordance with this, the systems through which he will cancel these desires should also grow. That is, the top of these desires still sticks to the Creator, but with the help of requests and prayers.

Now it is no longer the higher organism that takes everything upon itself in order to annul its egoism, but it consciously does it and gradually takes over from the Creator all the work that the Creator performed for him at the initial stages of his development.

It turns out that the further it is, the harder it is to cancel oneself in relation to the Creator and agree with Him. Since egoism is growing all the time, a person must constantly strengthen himself. Therefore, a group, study, and books are needed.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 8/6/21

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