Restriction, Screen, Partzuf

232.09Question: Can the screen be a group screen?

Answer: No. Only a personal screen.

The group screen is created when the screens of individual people in the process of their joint work are added together and form one common system called a Partzuf.

A Partzuf is a corrected desire in which calculations take place. And the screen is an opportunity to make objective calculations, not for your own sake.

For everything that I enjoy for my own sake, there should be a restriction, the so-called Ttzimtzum, rejection of reception for myself, and a gradual transition to receiving pleasure for the sake of others, that is, to bestow, to love, to rise above myself in order to transmit to others.

This is one part of the screen, called vessels of bestowal (Kelim de Hashpaa), the degree of Bina. And the next level of the screen is the ability to receive for the sake of giving, the level of Hochma, Keter.

Question: What is the difference between the restriction and the screen?

Answer: The restriction is done on desire, so as not to fill it. And the screen is necessary in order to work with this desire for bestowal, for filling outside of oneself.

The restriction means that a person wants to rise above this world, but has not yet done it. He can rise only to the extent that he will work with anti-egoism, that is, with the screen.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 8/20/21

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