Male And Female Souls

961.2Question: What does it mean to adhere to the Creator and at the same time be His partner?

Answer: To adhere to the Creator means to adhere to Him in complete merging, in complete similarity, in full awareness and understanding. I am independent, and at the same time, precisely because of this independence, because I am the same as Him, I adhere to Him.

At the same time, I represent the female part and the Creator, the male part. All of us together, men and women, represent the female part in relation to the Creator.

Question: So women can be proud of this?

Answer: A woman is the essence of creation more than a man and has a greater ability to reveal nature in relation to the upper force. And in a man there is more from the Creator, more independence in action than in a woman.

Therefore, in our world we are in a state where, in completion with each other, we can achieve such a manifestation of our nature when together we form a single whole similar to the Creator.

As a result, all male and female souls will unite and become one single soul, which is just like a female soul in relation to the Creator.

Question: Do the male and female principles also exist within one person?

Answer: Of course. In every person, both among men and among women, there are different combinations. And the male foundation is always more prevalent than the female one in the degree of bestowal.

At the same time, in relation to one person, I can act as a female principle, and in relation to someone else, as a male principle. For example, in relation to the upper one I am the feminine principle, and in relation to the lower one, say, a student, I am the male principle, and so on. These all are just stages.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #19

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