The First Man To Be Born In Spirituality

963.6Comment: Rosh Hashanah (the New Year) dates back to the day when the first man, Adam, was born in 3,760 B.C. He attained the spiritual system we call the Creator.

My Response: Adam is the first man born spiritually in our world. There were people on Earth before him, and he was the first person who reached the spiritual level. That is why he was called Adam, from the word “Edome”—similar to the upper force.

Question: Now we say that each of us must also become Adam. Let’s say, I want to reveal this upper force. What is this state?

Answer: We cannot reveal this force through our inner intuition like Adam or people after him. But he immediately began to develop a method of attaining the upper force and even wrote the book The Angel Raziel (Raziel HaMalach).

This went on for a long time until this knowledge reached Abraham and his followers.

The science of Kabbalah—meaning “receiving”— studies how to attain, receive, and reveal this upper force called the Creator while living in our world.

Question: Our desires are constantly evolving from basic ones: for food, sex, family, safety, to desires for power and wealth. Several hundred years ago, a desire for knowledge appeared in humans. And when the desire to attain the root cause manifested in him, that is, to find out what the meaning of life is, does this mean that the desire of Adam is manifesting?

Answer: Yes, he should raise a human inside. And when the desire to attain the root cause is realized inside him for the first time, then it is considered that man was born in him.

Question: Who is Eve?

Answer: Hava (Eve) is his desire in connection with which he attains the Creator.

The fact is that a spiritual desire is split into male and female parts, into right and left lines called Adam and Hava. And the attainment of the Creator is born precisely on the connection between them.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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