How To Stop “Groundhog Day”

204Question: There was a movie Groundhog Day where a person wakes up and lives the same day, wakes up and lives the same day, over and over.

A viewer writes: “How can we deal with disappointments in life? Everything is bland; this was not the case before the coronavirus. Everything is the same, the same emotions, the same fears, like Groundhog Day every day. Nothing is new, nothing changes. I just want to go to bed as soon as possible. Sleep, sleep, and dream. What can I do?”

Answer: I understand him. If, for example, we establish a six-month quarantine, then it would be good to take a pill and wake up in six months. But we cannot do this!

Comment: A person gets up and it is the same day for him.

My Response: Yes. And he must understand that it is the same day and that he cannot change anything. And what should be done to change this? How do I get off this carousel?

To do this, he must change himself. And if he starts to change, the world will start to change and there will be no Groundhog Day.

And the cycles of life that we go through are all the same! It seems to us that every day is something new, that every second is new. There is nothing new.

Question: So if your goal is just to live an ordinary life, to have ordinary desires, then Groundhog Day will happen more often?

Answer: Yes. That is what we have been shown. We are becoming more developed but, as it is said: “He who adds knowledge, adds pain.”

Question: So, we live by this knowledge that we accumulate and now even that is insipid? We do not need it anymore?

Answer: Our knowledge only leads us to a dead end. It shows us how powerless we are against the most important thing: to change something in our lives.

And now we see that the world is entering such a loop again. There was a little bit of democracy, some freedoms, and now we are again entering into a noose that will crush us and tighten ominously around our throats.

Question: Give us some practical advice: How should a person get up in the morning? What should he tell himself, what steps should he take?

Answer: We are expecting positive changes to take place outside. There will be none! We must realize that there can be changes for the better only if we change from inside. That is when we will start depicting our world the way we want it to be! That is what we need to do!

Question: In the meantime, the world is depicted by our nature, our egoism?

Answer: Yes. Our ego has finished its development. It shows you the whole world you exist in. This is what it can give you. And as a result, it will now pressure you, pressure you so much that you will not be able to exist in this world. So you will feel bad, sick, afraid, rough, uncomfortable; in general, anything is possible.

And this is just so that you understand that there are no external changes any more. We have gone through all the stages of our egoistic development, we have reached a state where what can happen next is just to kill each other. That is all, nothing else.

We have driven ourselves into a dead end with our previous immense selfishness. And now we want nothing at all. The new generation doesn’t want anything. We thought that they would be more developed, more driven, but they, on the contrary, do not want anything. And this is true.

And we would be the same in their place. And in some ways, we understand them.

It is all good. And what is the use of demanding, squeezing something out of this world again and again. It cannot give you anything else; there is nothing else in it.

Question: What should I say to my egoism if I have already realized that it was my egoism that painted the whole picture for me?

Answer: That it is right, that it has done its job, it has led you to a state where you must understand, while you are completely disappointed, that you can no longer exist in such a paradigm. You cannot!

What to do? Correct yourself, and the world will be corrected. This is a completely different technique: correcting the world by changing yourself.

It is not easy, but this is a good moment in history when we really need to change the source of our development, the system, the methodology of our development. When our development depends not on how we break the surrounding nature, but on how we change ourselves. And as a result, the world will change.

Changing myself means changing my evil attitude toward everything around me, my consumerist, egoistic attitude into a kind, altruistic one. And then I will begin to see the world differently. I will begin to see another control system through it.

I will merge with this world, I will comprehend its eternity, infinity, and perfection, which is something that I do not see now because I look with my limited egoistic eyes.

This is what we must do.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/11/21

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