Feeling Inside The Global Nature

962.3Question: You say that by crossing into spirituality, on one hand I unite with the Creator, and on the other hand I become His partner. This sounds somewhat contradictory. How can this be?

Answer: I am connecting with the Creator as a partner. In the beginning we were connected during intrauterine development. And before that, there was a connection when I did not even understand that I was inside the Creator. Ask any person in the world, he does not feel that he is inside this huge, global, integral nature.

Gradually, he becomes more and more aware of this through all kinds of sufferings and crises. It becomes obvious to him: “Look what is happening today in the world with the climate, look where we suddenly find ourselves, what reactions come from nature!”

All this is in order to shake us so that we see that the world is one and there is a certain relationship, a law, that we break.

We must comply with this law, be equivalent, in harmony with it. This is what mother-nature, the Creator, teaches us. But it is not Him that gives us blows specifically. We ourselves cause them by our inadequacy and by not fulfilling the condition of equilibrium.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #19

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