Two Ways, Two Authorities

562.02It turns out that there are two authorities here acting in the above-mentioned conduct of development: One is the authority of heaven, which is sure to turn anything harmful and evil to good and useful, but it will come in its time, in its own way, heavily, and after a long time. Then there is the authority of the earth. When the “evolving object” is a living, feeling being, it suffers horrendous torments and pains while under the “press of development” which carves its way ruthlessly.

The “authority of the earth,” however, consists of people who have taken this above-mentioned law of development under their own government and can free themselves entirely from the chains of time, and who greatly accelerate time, namely the completion of the ripeness and correction of the object, which is the end of its development. (Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”)

We have a starting Point A, from which humanity begins its way and moves in it toward the ultimate goal, Point B. The ultimate goal is the next situation, the upper world, the completion of correction.

If we take the power of development into our own hands and begin to act, this way will be much more pleasant.

As a rule we begin from a particular moment in our lives. We encounter the wisdom of Kabbalah, see how worthless our lives are, and begin to use this wisdom to reach the ultimate point of our development rapidly, which is absolutely identical for all of us, the difference is in how we reach it—either by the way of suffering or by the way of light.

In the way of suffering, terrible events are waiting for us, even a World War III really. In contrast, the path of light is the way of attainment, when from the start I begin to act to attain my future state, approach it, and eventually attain it.

Question: If I am going in the way of suffering, will I be able to reach point B? In any case at some stage I will need to reach the way of light, simply much later and still go through the same thing. Which is to say, is entry into the ultimate point possible only by the way of light?

Answer: You are right in general. The way of suffering elevates you in any case; you will go through a particular section of the way, after which you could fall again, rise again, and fall again, and so on until you reach the same ultimate point. There could be entries and exits. In principle it is not just dependent on you, but on the time in which we are living, the general condition of humanity and other circumstances.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 7/14/19

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