Should One Be Afraid Of Mistakes On The Spiritual Path?

28.02Question: Should one be afraid of mistakes on the spiritual path?

Answer: If a person goes purely by the call of his heart, namely in accordance with his point in the heart, without considering any advice from “well-wishers,” then he will not be mistaken. Let him not listen to anyone, just go ahead!

Question: Are there any mistakes on the spiritual path at all?

Answer: No. Then the person will see it. He can twist somewhere, somehow, and even seem to be wrong, but this is also part of his life path. All the so-called errors are written in it in advance. A person learns from them.

Question: Should he build a framework around himself that would protect him? Or go only forward, no matter what?

Answer: I think we should just go ahead. But I emphasize that we are talking about a person who has found out for himself that he is interested in Kabbalah. He takes our courses, reads primary sources, and, in accordance with this chooses where it is better for him, which is more convenient, what is closer, etc.

Question: Does a person on the spiritual path need to be able to say no to himself and those around him?

Answer: I would not ask myself such questions. I just want to achieve the goal. Everything. Therefore, I do not take any vows in advance.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 7/19/21

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