Why Do We Need People?

962.3Question: What will happen when technology makes a large number of people unnecessary? They will not be needed, not because they are bad or unsuccessful in any way, but because advanced technologies are set like all businesses to reduce costs.

The main costs today are people because a business owner needs to pay them salaries, take care of them, provide them with medical insurance, and so on.

Therefore, the current economy is aimed at ensuring that work is done by machines and not people.

Answer: I can only say one thing: progress, oddly enough, has really led to the fact that nobody needs people. Nobody at all! Neither the mighty bunch that is at the top nor managers who live only for themselves and the rest work for them.

The question arises: “Why do we need people at all?”

The fact is that people are absolutely not needed for supporting the economy, feeding themselves, or even feeding others. They are needed to perform a completely different task—to reveal nature, to unfold its second part.

Apart from the egoistic property of reception with which we were born and lives and develops in us, we must reveal the reverse side of nature, the altruistic one. Then both qualities will complement each other. Not destroying, like nuclear weapons, for example, but complementing. Then we will see a completely different nature, a different world, and will discover and understand what the purpose of our existence is.

We will see that all people are needed. Nature is perfect and absolutely complete. There is nothing superfluous in it. We must come to a state when our complementing each other will bring us to such an understanding of nature that the world will seem eternal, perfect, infinite, great, and accommodating absolutely everyone as its uppermost, magnificent, wonderful part, and not the way we now seem to be existing only in the one egoistic property of nature.

We must definitely reveal its second part, and then we will see how perfect everything is.
From KabTV’s “Algorithms instead of people” 8/4/21

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