The General Image: Man And The Creator

608.02In my spiritual work I am, as it were, in a game with the Creator. He is hidden behind a spiritual screen. I am on one side and He is on the other. My task is to make myself more and more similar to Him.

How? I must constantly be searching for a way to do it. My whole life is in this search, in this game. How can I collect, connect, and combine more and more various properties, thoughts, and desires inside myself so that He appears more and more on my screen. You cannot imagine how exciting and fascinating it is, and to what extent it fills you!

You submit all your egoism to this screen, all your desires corrected above your egoism, all your intentions, all your aspirations, and as a result, you receive the image of the Creator on it, which is also your image, that is, you created it. Eventually, you bring yourself to the image of the Creator, and you get one single image on the screen in which the Creator and you are united together.

This state is the goal of our existence, perfection, eternity. You achieve this state here in this world, in this life.

And when you gradually realize this game in similarity to Him, then you begin to understand why you are put here on Earth in these special circumstances with your work, with your family, with all sorts of internal and external problems, with everything you have.

You understand that all this is a very interesting addition, necessary in order to build similarity to the Creator over it; although, in principle, what kind of connection there can be.

It would seem that you should disconnect from this world and be like an angel with wings. But it turns out that it is not so. In reality, the world begins to manifest itself as absolutely spiritual. You reveal in your children, in your wife, friends, and circumstances, in everything that happens to you, inner spiritual forces.

And this world gets, as it were, drawn in and becomes an integral part of the screen on which you build up the Creator. It turns out that the entire volume of the universe, both the one that you feel now and the one that you attain and develop in spirituality, all this merges into one single whole.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #7

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