Understand Your Nature

962.6Comment: Kabbalah says that the universal law of nature deliberately spoils man’s life in order to force him to correct his relations with others.

My response: Of course. This eternal, wise law, full of bestowal and love, affects us in such a way that it makes our egoistic life, which is the opposite of it, unbearable in order to shake us thoroughly so we would see that we have nowhere to go.

We need to survive, somehow exist, and feed ourselves because we will soon not be able to breathe in this world. What do we do? It turns out that we will inevitably have to correct ourselves.

Question: On one hand, we must correct our attitude toward others. On the other hand, we say that doing charity work is bad. What should be changed then? After all, everyone thinks that he treats others very well and helps others in everything.

Answer: Nothing needs to be changed. You just need to understand your nature.

We must study ourselves and the world in which we exist—not our world but the upper world— the entire universe in which we are. We must understand it, rise to the level of the Creator, that is, to the level of the single law, feel it, and change ourselves to match it. And then we will really become creatures of the upper world.

Kabbalah explains how to do this.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Universal Law” 9/30/09

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