Living For Friends

530Question: Is it possible to teach a person that the team is more important than himself?

Answer: We see this in examples of people who work in special teams—in submarines or with climbers—in general, those who are constantly faced with the question of survival depending on their connection in the team. They hold on to each other so much that they are ready to give their lives if their friends die.

Question: In principle, are we talking about the fact that the whole process of upbringing is a change of an egocentric worldview to an altruistic one, even without going beyond our nature?

Answer: Yes, it is still within the framework of selfishness.

Comment: But we can see that this does not work. No matter how much they tried to educate us in kindergarten and in school.

My Response: They did not work on us properly. A person can be made into such a being who will see his destiny only in serving its collective. This usually works in small, closed groups when a person identifies his existence with the collective so much that if the collective dies, he also dies. He cannot exist without them.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/25/21

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