Flood Of The Century

764.1Fierce flash floods are ravaging Germany. The death toll continues to grow every hour and more than a thousand people are missing. The water flooded roads, washed away foundations, and brought down bridges.

The destruction is similar to the aftermath of war. The flood zone is expanding and seizing new regions in Germany, Belgium, and Austria.

This is just a disaster. But we teach that there is only one reason for the negative attitude of nature toward us if we cross the permitted boundaries, it is the upper force, the Creator. Nature wants to see us in a perfect state, united like one man with one heart. And it is ready to tolerate if we deviate a little from this unity, but only within certain limits.

If we go beyond these boundaries, then nature is out of balance. This is what is happening and will continue to happen. We have entered into a confrontation with the upper force by disregarding our actions in relation to nature. Therefore, nature will continue to protest more strongly with floods, fires, pandemic, and in many others ways like the Egyptian plagues: blood, frogs, lice, etc.

There are many similar cataclysms ahead that we will have to endure over the next 10 to 20 years. But at the same time, we will begin to feel how it obliges us to bring ourselves into balance. The history of the Egyptian plagues repeats: all the “Egyptians” inside us, the egoistic forces, will receive ten blows until we raise our hands and say, “That’s enough, we can no longer stay in Egypt!”

Let it be comfortable and satisfying there, but we will have to escape from there. Where is “from there?” This escape is not from a geographical place, but from the relationships between us, from unfounded hatred to brotherly love.

But until we are ready for this escape, we will have to go through many blows, sufferings, problems, floods, fires, all kinds of pandemics, etc. This is the forecast for the next 10 to 20 years. By 2040, these disasters will spread around the globe, in each country and region in its own way.

We see that in the face of a common misfortune, people are beginning to help each other more, to show solidarity. But nature presents us with a much bigger bill, not just a little tweak to our lives and our relationships. We are talking about a radical correction of a person’s character, his nature, about revealing that we are all egoists and wanting to establish other relationships between us.

We are obliged to become kinder to each other, and this kind attitude between people will affect all other levels of nature: still, vegetative, and animate and will bring them to peace and harmony. These will be the consequences of the changes that occur in us, in our relations to each other.

I think it will take 20 years because such a change cannot happen overnight. After all, we begin with today’s absolutely opposite state, with complete unwillingness to take nature into account, with a lack of understanding that we are facing a system of upper forces that have come to change us.

We refuse to see the hand of the Creator in this and accept it as a help for our good for which we should be grateful. All problems are a consequence of the fact that we are in conflict with each other and therefore opposite to nature.

There is no shortcut here. After all, Egyptian slavery lasted for many years and ended with serious blows. See how Pharaoh, that is, our egoistic nature, a stubborn stony heart, protests and does not want to give in.

It seems that the Pharaoh already agrees to let us go so that we can go toward connection and love. And then he rescinds his permission and refuses to let us out, and we return to the same state again.

We will have to spend several years in this conflict. And besides, it should be noted that now this is happening on the scale of the whole world between all nations and states. Until governments and people begin to bow down, it will take time and a lot of suffering and blows. Such a typhoon may pass through Europe that nothing would remain there. Everything is done so people will humble themselves and accept the implementation of the principle of loving one’s neighbor as oneself.
From KabTV’s “A Conversation with Journalists” 7/18/21

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