To Ultimate Harmony

610.2Question: What does it mean that there is no coercion in spirituality?

Answer: It means to make the goals of the Creator your goals. Then there will be no coercion.

Before that, of course, there will be coercion. That is how it works. In nature, there is no such state that something does not pressure something else. This is so not only for the Kabbalists but for every bug, every creature on Earth. Even inanimate nature is under the control of some coercive forces. This is only in order to move everyone to balance.

Question: Is there a state when nothing is pressuring you, and you are in complete harmony?

Answer: The state of absolute stillness, of absolute balance, is the purpose of creation. It is achieved precisely by balancing all the opposing forces.

You are under the influence of many forces and you are constantly in harmony with them, constantly maintaining it. It is the maintenance of this harmony that is your ultimate harmony, your ultimate joy.

Question: Is this the state of stillness?

Answer: There is no stillness! Stillness is an endless, continuous movement that you constantly direct to the most optimal state for all of nature, for everyone.

Question: When a person reaches such a state, does it mean there is no coercion for him?

Answer: Yes. When a person has the task in hand of constantly improving the balance of all nature, then it means that he is not under coercion, but he himself determines, creates, and controls nature.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States. There is no coercion in spirituality.”

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