There Is No Empty Place In Nature

746.01The whole difference in how much we feel or do not feel the Creator is determined by how much we appreciate Him. Unlike the corporeal world, in the spiritual world there are no distances. The more important the Creator is to me, the closer He is to me. If I disrespect Him and do not want to come closer to Him in my qualities, then I do not see Him.

It turns out that to bring the most high closer or to come closer to Him, I need to change my qualities according to His qualities and begin to appreciate Him.

Yet how can I appreciate the greatness of the Creator if I cannot see Him? In nature, there are many concealed forces that we do not perceive with simple senses, but only through various devices. All modern science works in this way, by revealing phenomena that are invisible to the naked eye. They can be revealed only with the help of special devices or complex calculations.

If we discovered the world only through our natural senses—sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch—we would have remained animals. The human degree is special because we are able to discover phenomena in nature that cannot be revealed with our five senses.

This is why we discover radio waves, gravitational forces, magnetic attraction, and celestial phenomena in the universe. All this is above our sense organs.

The Creator is a force that includes all phenomena, the entire world is located inside Him. We are also inside of Him. When we say that the Creator is far away and we are coming closer to Him, these distances are only relative to attaining Him and not in the sense of distance. The Creator may feel far away or close in our attainment, but we all are inside of Him.

The Creator is the place of the world, the entire world exists inside of Him. Therefore, we only need to develop our senses in order to feel that this space; this reality in which we exist is all the Creator.

Then we will discover that there is no empty place in the world. This air around us and the cosmic vacuum beyond the Earth between the stars is not really emptiness but one continuous field of desire that fills all space, operates in everything, and fills everything. All this is the Creator.

We, who are physically weak and limited, can awaken the Creator and ask Him to reveal such senses in us that will make us equal to Him so that by adhering to Him, we also will fill all reality with our desire. After all, we want to come closer to the desire of the Creator—the desire to bestow. Then our work will end in filling the entire universe with ourselves and will be in adhesion with reality itself, which is the Creator.

This is an amazing prospect, and is worth remembering when we are overwhelmed by small, egoistic calculations.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson5/2/21, “Chasing the Shechina” 

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