The Mystery Of The Unification Of The Masculine And Feminine, Part 1

595.01The Mystery of Nature

From the only source, which is the Creator, two forces descend. One of them is the power that relates to Him: the property of bestowal, love, emanation.

The other is an artificial force created by the Creator that did not exist before the beginning of creation —the property of receiving, absorbing, which then became an egoistic property.

Both forces exist in the entire nature of the upper worlds and in our world as a plus and a minus. They are created opposite to each other so that we, who represent the property of receiving, the negative egoistic force, can use our properties to determine the opposite positive force, the Creator, and create certain interactions with it, unification, as in an atom.

One force does not exist separately from another. We always measure, see, feel, and find them in some sort of positioning relative to each other.

Therefore, the negative force in which the Creator created us is necessary precisely in order for us to find, define, and feel Him as a positive, emanating force, and thus be able to begin contact with Him, to detect, define, feel, approach or move away from Him.

In other words, to see what state we are in with respect to the Creator to determine the possibility of absorbing His properties into ourselves.

How can we make ourselves negative to Him as if we are both negative and positive? This is a very difficult question, and even more so its solution.

This is not just the disclosure of the mystery of the unity of minus and plus, the Creator and creation, but the disclosure of how creation develops, reaches its completely opposite state to the Creator, and begins to feel this state as absolutely harmful, unsuitable, and intolerable, and then does everything in order to ascend above it and start to create something positive from your negative self.

How is this possible? After all, creation cannot change its nature in any way. It turns out that it can only change the application of its nature. That is, although I am created completely negative, I can transform even my negative properties, motivations, and actions so that their final result is positive. And how to do it is really a mystery.

We cannot imagine it, that is why we say that this is a secret. We are absolutely not yet in it, but we are in our egoistic negative properties.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 3/3/19

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