The Intention—Configuration Of The Heart

237Working on the intention is at the heart of all our study, all our efforts, and all our actions. The intention is the tuning of the heart, directing the desire toward the Creator. The Creator is the only force operating in all of reality. But He created us, the creatures, disconnected from Him so that we would be able to be drawn to Him, to aim ourselves toward Him.

Therefore, the whole creation is outside the Creator, outside spirituality, outside the feeling of the upper force, in order to give us the opportunity to seek the Creator, to feel how He is missing in our lives.

The Creator awakens in us the need to find Him. And if we realize it correctly, join to seek Him together and try to become like Him, we will yearn for Him day and night.

I want to direct every thought and action to Him, to come closer to the Creator, to become like Him and give Him contentment. And in return, I will receive even more opportunities from Him to approach and connect to Him.

Therefore, intention is not something that is remembered once a day but something that determines every action in my life. If I want to come closer to the Creator, to reveal Him, to feel Him, to cling to Him, then I need to perform all the actions I do in life with that thought, no matter what I do.

At every moment, at every step, I must attach the Creator as the sole source of all reality. And if I try to do this, I will certainly get help from Him and I will feel Him more and more.

To the extent that I yearn for Him, I will feel that He yearns for me, as it is said: “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine” in a reciprocal manner. It turns out that the intention is not some insignificant addition that can be forgotten, but an aspiration from the very depths of the heart with which I establish constant contact between me and the Creator.

The Creator created us with egoistic desires but surrounded us with such external conditions that gradually correct our egoistic tendencies into the intention to bestow. Working together with our friends and helping each other, we begin to discover the precise and permanent attitude toward the upper force except for which there is nothing, and to see in it the source and purpose of all our intentions.

Thus we reveal Him with all of our spiritual organs of sensation, meaning for the sake of bestowal, in mutual yearning for each other, and we enter the world of truth, the eternity. Everything depends only on our correct yearning.

This work does not stop day after day; it needs constant renewal. Therefore, “They helped every one his friend” by supporting and strengthening each other. After all, only together can we form the concept called the Creator between us and correctly aim ourselves toward Him, that is, to the right place and in the right form. And this is only possible if we build this intention together from the very beginning.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/18/21, “Work with Intention”

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