The Ideal Reception Of Information

276.02Question: What is the most ideal reception of information for man? What is closest to us? What language?

Answer: The ideal reception of information is without language. What language could it be? I just receive information that is in the air, around me, right here, now. I am floating in this information, it passes through me and changes me all the time.

In practice, I am a device through which waves of information pass, constantly deforming, changing, and pulling me toward more perfect states.

Unfortunately, we go through all these metamorphoses not by our own freewill, not from awareness, but reluctantly, dealing with something completely different and worthless. We are not going along with this current of energy passing through us. Therefore, it must forcefully change us all the time toward next states, breaking and deforming us.

We see how humanity is changing, but through such torments: wars, absurdities, misunderstandings. But all this is good, and we have already gone through this development.

Since the end of the 20th century, we have had a completely different opportunity, to finally understand the volume of information in which we exist and pass through it in a good, easy way.

I begin to feel a sea of information movement around me and vibrate with it. This is called the law of similarity, of equivalence between me and the external nature or the Creator.

Fluctuating with this sea of information, I become its receiver according to the principle of resonance. I begin to perceive what is inside me. And then I enter harmony. And although I have not yet reached my perfect state and I am only experiencing changes under the influence of this external field, they are like a blessing for me. I already want them and even now feel perfection on my path.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #12

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