Subjective Calculations

962.2To do something not for your own benefit, for the sake of others is an absolutely subjective calculation, thought, intention. It does not exist in the nature of our world, in what we know and what we are familiar with in our surroundings.

Question: Does it mean that a person born in our world cannot make a calculation without taking into account any of their own benefits?

Answer: Yes! One is not able to! We see this in newborns. It is clear that they are completely within themselves.

And later, while a person develops, until some period of time, he constantly wants to acquire everything. Then his desire fades, he slowly withdraws into himself, thinking only about how to protect himself, to continue to exist as much as possible. This is already when he approaches old age, and decline.

Yet, nevertheless, all intentions naturally, automatically, like in a computer, in any machine, are implanted in us in such a way that we think only about our own benefit. Even if we sacrifice ourselves, our lives, whatever it is, we do it based on our calculation, out of our benefit.

This inner inclination, motivation, and intention, in general, is concealed from a person. He partially understands that he is doing it for his own sake and partially he does not.

If you talk to psychologists, they may tell you that a person does this for his own benefit. And maybe they will say that he is able to do some actions not for his own sake, but absolutely altruistically. Nevertheless, according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, there are no absolutely altruistic actions. We do not do anything altruistically.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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