Work For All Mankind

582.03Comment: Today many countries are faced with the question of what to do with the impending mass unemployment. After all, this is a huge layer of people who will need to be supported.

My Response: There is already work for them: to learn how to gather themselves into one single collective, how to be satisfied with exactly what is necessary for existence in corporeality and in spirituality, to unite with each other in love your neighbor as yourself, and in this movement friend  to friend, to begin to comprehend the upper force.

So, there is work for all to unite. It is better if it is broken down into a large number of individuals. I believe that people need to do just that. Therefore, the most important thing is social work, which should be carried out with everyone.

Question: What benefit will the elite see from this work of the masses?

Answer: The elite, of course, must also reorganize. There will be many more problems until they, delirious with the desire for profit, power, comfort, supporting each other, creating the so-called “Hollywood,” and so on, do not pass the realization of the evil of their nature, the worthlessness of their existence.

I think that for this we need to show them that they are deceiving themselves. They not only distribute drugs to the masses, but, in principle, are themselves under the drug of wealth, power, and vanity fairs.

We need to shake them up with the fact that their life is temporary, worthless. Well, they will live 10 to 20 years longer than the rest, and then what? Rot? Here they are offered something completely different, to exchange their false freedom, power, and vanity for eternity and perfection.
From KabTV’s “Challenges of the 21st Century” 4/24/19

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