Four Stages Of Correction

567.04Zohar for All, Shemot, Item 81: He took that arrow that the bird had thrown from the left wing and smelled it. Then black fire came out of it, which is the color of the left, designated to Nukva, and is not included in the three colors of the rainbow—white, red, and green—which come from the three lines HGT, and there is no black in them. He said that they revoked the government of the Egyptians, who extend the light of left from above downwards, and that a Roman king would traverse the whole of the land of Egypt and appoint ministers and warmongers in Egypt. Also, he will destroy buildings that were built and extended from the left side and build the ruins that were ruined because they were from the right, for which the Egyptians have no desire.

Egypt is the main egoistic property. Israel, descending into Egypt, manifests itself there in order to plunge into this egoistic property with its altruistic property and as if dips itself into it to collect egoistic desires from there with the help of which one can ascend further.

The fact is that humanity and man cannot rise and grow spiritually if they do not have inner egoism. You can grow by developing the ego, but only using it for bestowal and love. It is said: “I have created the evil inclination…” because you cannot do without it. Therefore, all creation begins from the serpent, from the disclosure of egoism; otherwise, it is impossible. This is human nature, this is our essence.

Then this egoistic principle called “Egypt” constantly manifests itself in a spiritually growing person. But it has nothing to do with Egypt as a modern state or the ancient kingdom. Egypt means egoism into the various properties of which a person plunges each time in order to rise.

Suppose, being at a certain level, I fall into a certain type of egoism and rise. This is called that I was in Egyptian slavery and rose from it. Next time, I fall into a different type of egoism called Babylonian or Nebuchadnezzar. Having risen from it, I then as if fall into “Ancient Rome” and rise again. And then I fall into the final exile.

These are portions of egoism that are revealed in man, which I must use in order to rise above them.

As a result, it turns out that the property “Israel” (straight to the Creator) in us is constantly rising and growing thanks to the use of various types of egoism.

This continues until each of us uses all the egoism, all human striving for life in this world, in order to rise above it in unity, in love your neighbor as yourself, in an effort to comprehend the Creator, embrace Him, and merge with Him. This is possible only during four plunges into egoism and four ascents above it.

Each person is obliged to go through this, get out of all these states, and eventually achieve complete correction of the soul. The exit from this world to the upper world is the goal of our creation.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #8

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