Reason—A Consequence Of Corrected Feelings

250Question: There are three levels of consciousness: individual, collective, and the consciousness of nature, the Creator, in the form of an information field. How do they interact?

Answer: The consciousness of nature—we call it the Creator—is the absolute level that we hope to gradually attain.

In principle, we are initially ready for it because our egoistic nature is created in us as a mirror image of the higher level of nature. If we constantly annul ourselves, we will eventually reach this highest level.

We do not yet know what it is, but we know the way to it, and we study it in the science of Kabbalah.

Question: Our individual egoistic consciousness usually includes both feelings and reason. Does altruistic consciousness also have the same division?

Answer: Naturally. Moreover, feelings are given more attention, more importance, than the mind because the mind is a consequence of corrected feelings. To the extent that we raise our feelings above ourselves, cancel them from their egoistic perception, we can activate the mind, and it will process our altruistic information.
From KabTV’s “Meeting with Kabbalah” 3/29/19

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