Opposite Elements Of Creation

546.02Question: According to Kabbalah, what is the main difference in the nature of male and female parts?

Answer: Absolutely everything. There is nothing more opposite in nature than a man and a woman. Moreover, this difference increases all the time; it first begins to manifest in inanimate objects, even in minerals, then in plants, even more in animals, and even more in humans.

That is, a developed man and woman, if they are really highly developed as personalities, represent the most opposite elements of creation. There can be nothing alike in them. Therefore, it is very difficult for them to come to some kind of agreement, they simply do not understand each other and cannot in any way get closer to be in likeness to each other.

Question: That is, all their attempts to understand each other’s view of the world, in principle, fail?

Answer: In the end, yes. We see that we are gradually entering a big crisis: children leave home, parents get divorced, they cannot bear each other, a person hates himself.

He not only cannot get along with the opposite sex, but he also has all sorts of abnormal drives and realization of sexual needs. In general, gender, marriage, family, and children, all this in our time is beginning to literally crumble and get out of control of previous laws and conditions.

Therefore, there is a Kabbalistic methodology that explains how we can really come to unity. It is a whole system of knowledge.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Common Law Marriage” 8/11/09

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