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531.03Question: In Baal HaSulam’s book Shamati (“I Heard”) it is written that a person who is, as it were, in the sensation of hell, understands that the only thing that can get him out is the upper force, from which everything emanates. But for this must he feel this upper force because only then can he truly ask?

Answer: Of course. Until a person feels it, everything is pointless.

Therefore, Kabbalah does not require any preliminary conditions from us. Just listen, read, and see everything this science is talking about. It reveals the force that changes you in the same way a child changes in our world by acquiring new properties as he is growing up and becoming different every day.

An adult does not become different. He fills himself with all sorts of new impressions and delights. But a child is changing, gaining more and more.

This is the way Kabbalah, as it acts on us as adults, raises a new person in us. Therefore, we acquire new properties, a new mind, and feel new every day. This is a special property due to which we become “Adam“—equal, similar, to the Creator.

This will certainly happen. You just need to open the book and study systematically. There is every possibility for that on the Internet. I invite everyone. And people will see what changes take place in them literally from day to day or at least from week to week.

Kabbalah invites us to become as naive as children in order to get closer to the perception of the new reality that should be revealed for us. And if we behave this way, we will really become adults.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #9

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