Hebrew—The Melody Of The Upper World

525Comment: Before discovering the wisdom of Kabbalah, I lived in Israel for nine years and during all this time I did not learn or speak Hebrew. It was only the need to penetrate into the sources that prompted me to learn the language.

My Response: Yes. Only those who practice Kabbalah break themselves because they begin to understand that Hebrew is a code through which one can learn a lot and enter the spiritual world.

Comment: And the main thing is that Hebrew is constantly expanding. We read the sources so many times and they always sound different. Everything flows and merges.

My Response: Exactly. If we begin to see in which combination the letters are in every word, you suddenly feel the melody that conveys the inner meaning of that word.

Question: What would you wish for your students in 2019?

Answer: First, I wish them a happy new year! Still, 2019 will be very complex. Humanity does not hope for anything particularly good.

Let us firmly hold onto each other, and through the letters, through the heartfelt connection between us, let us invite the upper light so that it embraces us and makes clear even without letters and words everything we need to understand about our eternal existence. We will then swim eternally in the vast upper light, which will gradually be revealed to us through these grand letters.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 1/6/19

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