Desire—The Basis For The Functioning Of The Universe

583.01Question: If we consider desires from a purely scientific point of view, then such consideration requires their concise definition. Could you give such a definition?

Answer: At the heart of the entire universe is the desire to be fulfilled, to enjoy, to attain, to receive, to absorb. In a cruder form, we define it as egoism, the will to receive.

We see that this is practically the basis of any creation, even inanimate, even more so vegetative, animate, and speaking. Naturally, the higher these states are, the greater the will to receive, to enjoy, is.

Kabbalah deals with both the study of this desire and the study of its implementation, which is the maximum fulfillment. This is the essence of this wisdom.
From KabTV’s “Integral Course” 3/19/21

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