Carrier Of The Upper Field

276.03Question: Does the upper field have its own carrier?

Answer: The upper field is the light, that is, the desire to bestow, to fill, to satisfy, to connect. Its carrier is the common quality of connection, of good.

There is also the quality to receive, to subjugate, to influence, and it is supposedly the opposite of it and is evil. However, in fact, that is just what we call it in our spiritual physics.

Actually, there is nothing in it at all: neither evil nor good. Both forces cannot be regarded as good or evil; it is only relative to the little person who perceives them in this way because we live in such circumstances.

When we rise above these circumstances to the level of the upper field and begin to explore it, then we do not have evil and good at all but only reception, bestowal, and manifestation of Reshimot. This is what exists.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/22/19

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