Song For Two Voices

528.03Even if it seems to me that everything that happens to me depends on myself, on my friends, or on some other random reasons, in reality everything comes from the Creator.

If I perceive it this way, it means that I am always standing in front of the Creator and not in front of the Pharaoh or any other forces. This is what I need: always imagine myself standing in front of the Creator.

Then what I should do is try to see Him through all the influences He awakens in me, to understand that everything comes from the upper force, that there is nothing else besides it. Through this attitude to everything that is happening, I will already know how to respond. I have to connect as much as possible with the friends and connect with the Creator together with them until we reveal Him between us. Then the Creator will correct the connection between us and He will fill it.

This is our work at every moment of time. The states that arise between us on this path can be called Egypt, exile, the exodus from Egypt, and so on. However, in essence, this is the ten, which must constantly strengthen our connection, advance more and more in order to reveal the Creator in the connection between us, the upper force, which is the only one that controls everything.

This force appears to us in the form of Pharaoh, or the Creator, or various villains and righteous people. However, it is the Creator who plays with us all the time in order to awaken the ten and each of us for connection above all the changes that He caused in us, above all the disturbances.

Then we begin to understand the language of the Creator, to recognize what He wants from us, how He addresses us, how He plays on us as if on a musical instrument. We feel what changes He makes in us and how His lights spread inside our connections in the ten, that is, fill our Partzuf.

Accordingly, we can respond to His address and respond to Him. We have a common language, as it is written, “I am for my beloved, and my beloved is for me.” The Creator speaks to us by changing our specific desires in the ten, and we want to connect on top of all the states; this is our response to Him. As a result we get a real song, He speaks to us, and we speak to Him, and we sing the song together.

The main thing is to picture that everything is inside the ten and not run away from it, but combine all the states together, into one system: seven years of satiation and seven years of hunger, Pharaoh, the Creator, and Moses. Then everything will fall into places wonderfully and easily.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/16/21, “Pesach (Passover)”

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