Adapt To Nature’s Program

570Comment: Young people leave school, enter a new world, and what they are given, they do not want, and they are not offered anything else.

My Response: Our world is the world of egoism. People have selfish power over each other, and such power prefers to operate with force. You can’t do anything here. Power does not ask whether it is good or bad, it is possible or not. If it can win, then it immediately realizes itself.

Of course, I understand the many-sided directions of young people in their desire to see the world for others. But they must realize that, first of all, it depends on how much they can prepare themselves for this.

Indeed, in order, for example, to change life in Iran, or write a good book for the Chinese, or do something else in any country in the world, they must understand what the basic law of nature is and where nature leads us since we cannot act against it.

We see how, for thousands and thousands of years, mankind has tried to follow the path that it invented for itself, believing that this is supposedly a good, right path. In fact, it was constantly wrong. Choosing a new path goes wrong, another new path, wrong again. Like a group of small people in a huge forest. We are in such conditions to this day.

But now the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed to us, which explains the laws of the development of the world, its program and the goal of development. Therefore, we must first study all this, and then, in order to understand more of this program and adapt ourselves to it, not it to us, but me to it! Because this is the program of nature, we cannot break nature. It breaks us down if need be.

After we master this program and understand it, we need to somehow adapt to it so that we can live in it, develop in relation to it. Then we will get closer to nature and really see and feel what course of life we are placed in and how it wants to change us.

To act in the same direction as nature affects us—this will be our most comfortable, correct state. This should be taught.
From KabTV’s “Integral World” 7/13/18

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