The Coronavirus Tango

627.1In the News ( Journalist and psychologist Alla Bogolepova wrote, “Tired. You see, there is simply no strength. I hear this from friends and acquaintances. I read this on social media. I see it in the eyes of others—because only our eyes are now visible, the faces are covered with masks. I can see it in the mirror. Endless, hopeless, terrible fatigue. Such faces are found in other deep old people, in whose life there is nothing left to hold on to. …

“What are we so tired of, because we have been living for a full month already, having dropped the speed to a minimum. Having done what psychologists have been talking about for so long: they say, do not slow down – burnout will come, you will not want anything at all. The scourge, so to speak, of modern society. Well, they’ve slowed down. On a global scale.

“The race for a career, money, impressions is over. And instead of enlightenment, on a global scale again—powerlessness and a feeling of complete hopelessness. What’s wrong with you, man? What are you missing again?

What are we so tired of? We live at half-strength, reducing speed to a minimum. The race for career, money, and impressions is over. Impotence, a sense of utter hopelessness. There is no tomorrow in the world anymore. Tomorrow causes only fear. …

“The virus of impotence – and its triumphant march – is just beginning. With him, of course, you can fight. But only there is no strength. You see, there is simply no strength.”

Question: She is accurately reflecting the opinion of many people. This is practically the mood of the world. Can we live with that?

Answer: The mask on the face covers the mouth. It is like a gag in your mouth. It means a lot. Psychologically, it simply means shut up! After all, we still look at a person’s mouth. We talk.

Today we see that a very serious communication device was taken from us: we must not just breathe through a mask but speak through a mask. In general, this is a very difficult state.

It not only covers half of the face, but it also closes people off from each other. They used to communicate at least in some way. It was customary to communicate normally. It does not matter what would be said to each other or what level the communication was, but today we do not have this.

People rush out to demonstrations, tear off their masks. It is like climbing the barricades. And they are ready to be infected but not in such a situation that they must put a mask. It is practically an iron mask. It shuts you off.

What will come out of this? I think we are being brought closer to a different kind of communication. It will not be non-verbal; it will be the same but much more explicit, sensuous, and truthful than before. That is, chattering will stop.

We will dedicate more time, more attention, and more feelings to words—what we say to others and what others say to us. We will want to put a little more of our heart into it.

Then we will feel that in fact this virus, this mask raises us to a completely different level of communication: sensory, more open, heartfelt. I hope this is the way it will be.

Question: This is a very interesting conclusion. Do you think that our chatter, our empty talk, is as if blocked for us now so that we digest all this and start saying real words?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What will these words be?

Answer: More measured, more heartfelt, more important. We will learn not to talk a lot as we have been doing all this time. In recent decades, it has been a continuous noise and dirty noise at that. Such muddy water, if you can call it water.

We will begin to say necessary, relevant words. That is what I think. That is how it seems to me. I would like to believe that people will devote more time to internal communication. That is, to convey in words what is really necessary to convey from person to person, a greater respect, a greater connection. The virus has a lot to teach us.

Question: Maybe we will start talking about true love?

Answer: No, I think the time has not come for that yet. We must realize all this within ourselves. We have to go through a lot of states: the revelation of the truth, the truth in us, what we want from ourselves, from others, what we would like to see in people in our lives, in humanity.

Question: It is as if we had set up an obstacle that made us turn our eyes inward. What will we see there?

Answer: We will see that we are vicious, egoistic, generally terrible creatures inside. Yet, if we want to correct ourselves, we will suddenly see that the virus will leave and we can talk. But how can we determine that the virus will go away as soon as we want to talk only about good topics?

Question: And the virus will return as soon as we go back to that garbage, to empty words?

Answer: Yes, long enough to teach us.

Question: I wonder if there could be such a tango with the virus? Or is no such direct comparison possible?

Answer: It would be nice. I think it is possible, of course, but it all depends on our states, on our sensitivity.

Question: Do you think that if there is no strength now, then there is no strength to speak about this emptiness, no strength to live without a purpose?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And what will the purpose be? Alla Bogolepova writes that “without a future we are like cars without fuel—we stand still and become covered with rust. Powerless, helpless, unnecessary even to themselves.”

Answer: There is a motivation to get closer to each other, to start feeling the effectiveness of life, not in opposition, not in competition, not in dominating, rising up and pushing others, but in doing something for others, for the sake of others, to create something, to build something, together with others, to create something new between us. Then there will be energy and a sparkle in the eyes, a new kind of communication that will come from the connection between us.

Question: Will this entire competitive world change then?

Answer: Yes, of course.

Remark: What about all the sporting events, first places, Nobel prizes, Oscars, Grammys, and everything else?

Answer: No one will be receiving them. Everyone will turn their back on them.

Question: Does it mean that I will not want to get a medal for first place?

Answer: No. There will be nothing like that. People will think about how to create connection and build a close network of communication between them. This is a completely different world.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 10/26/20

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